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Thematic Issue: Jurij Piškur (1960-2014)

FEMS Yeast Research has published a thematic issue in memory of Jurij Piškur. This issue is freely available until 15 November 2015.

Thematic issue: Yeast Cell Aging & Death

FEMS Yeast Research has published a thematic issue on Yeast Cell Aging & Death. To access these articles please click here

Featured article

Polymicrobial Candida biofilms: friends and foe in the oral cavity
An examination of where and how Candida interacts with bacteria in the oral cavity. More ►


NEM1 acts as a suppressor of apoptotic phenotypes in LSM4 yeast mutants
The use of yeast molecular genetics is very powerful to unravel links between different pathways; here the authors suggest a new connection between mRNA degradation, phospholipids biosynthesis and the aging process. More ►


Essential metals at the host–pathogen interface: nutritional immunity
The human body tightly sequesters essential micronutrients, restricting their access to invading microorganisms, and pathogenic species must counteract this action of ‘nutritional immunity’. More ►


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Virtual Issues

Yeast Food Microbiology

For generations yeast has been used for production of food and alcoholic beverages. Despite this long usage there is, however, still much interest in how we through studies of yeast physiology at the mechanistic level further improve production of food and beverages. In order to illustrate many of these exciting developments we have assembled a virtual issue of papers published in FEMS Yeast Research on this topic.

Organelles and Cells

Industrial Biotechnology and Metabollic Engineering

Yeast Genetics and Molecular Biology

Fermented Food and Beverage

Pathogenic Yeast

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Virtual Special Issue: 12th Yeast Lipid Conference

To mark the FEMS sponsored 12th Yeast Lipid Conference, related articles have been specially selected by Günther Daum, Editor of FEMS Yeast Research. Read related articles here

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